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You need to learn more about Diazepam safety before you decided to buy this powerful anti-anxiety medication. One of the most important moments is learning the risks of combination of Diazepam and alcohol. There are thousands and millions of drug-related visits in the emergency room and out of these, it has been observed that around 10% are combined with alcohol. Diazepam (also known as generic Valium) belongs to benzodiazepines drug class. Choose the best pharmacy to buy Diazepam online from:

This medicine is being used for treatment of anxiety disorders and is said to have sedative and hypnotic effect because it affects a few chemicals in the brain. Diazepam is said to be CNS (central nervous system) depressant. Alcohol is also CNS depressant which means that combination of the two can be highly fatal.

Respiratory Arrest

Diazepam functions by acting on the CNS which means that it potentially slows the rate of respiration. It has been found that using alcohol with this drug can potentially cause depressed signs. Additive effects that may be present due to alcohol, especially if combined with diazepam can lead to respiratory depression as well as even death! Alcohol as well as diazepam if combined can lead to fatal overdose resulting on coma or heart failure.

Liver Damage

Diazepam can be metabolized in liver. Everyone knows that alcohol abuse leads to liver damage. Patients suffering from cirrhosis should definitely avoid taking this drug. There can be excessive buildup of diazepam in your body system which can be highly lethal. In case of already occurred liver damage, alcohol shouldn't be used and at such a stage overdosing with diazepam along with alcohol means playing with your own life!

Other CNS Effects

Diazepam can lead to drowsiness as well as confusion. Patients taking the drug can lose coordination as well as ability to properly speak. It may also lead to memory loss, difficult disorientation as well as thinking, especially if combined with alcohol. While you are taking diazepam, there can be certain other side effects such as restlessness, slurred speech, hostility, behavioral changes as well as anger. Taking diazepam along with alcohol can further aggravate these effects. If combined along with diazepam, it may also lead to aggressive and violent behavior. If you are taking diazepam and have also combined it with alcohol, it may lead to motor retardation as well as even slower reflexes.
All in all, combining diazepam with alcohol is not a good idea at all and while on diazepam, you should completely avoid taking it.